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 Ed Marks ​& Sheila Blake
Personal Trainers 
Sheila is a mother of two and after raising her babies decided to make change. She noticed she had put on a couple of extra pounds and starting exercising and eating healthy really not knowing what to do. Her friends started noticing and suggested she help others. She attended the Cooper institute in Dallas and was hooked! Sometimes a passion for something comes a little later in life and she definitely found hers! She started running half marathons and completed a full marathon at age 40. She now competes running 5k's winning 2 first female finisher. After 10 years and many clients later she has the knowledge and skills to help people reach their goals no matter how big or small. At 45 years young she's always telling her clients, " If you don't want to grow old, THINK YOUNG!"
Ed has been in the fitness industry since 1979. He's always had a passion for helping people achieve their results whether it's body building, or just quality of life. He's married to his best friend that equally shares his passion.